Road Traffic Signs

! During a power failure, intersection traffic lights won’t work.
  • Treat the intersection as an all-way stop.
  • Yield the right-of-way and use caution.

In Ontario, different colours on signs represent different aspects of using the road:

  • Red signs mean stop or be careful.
  • Yellow signs with black lettering warn you that you’re coming to a hazardous area or an area with special rules.
  • Orange signs with black lettering are used in areas where there is road construction.

Regulatory signs
Temporary conditions
Warning signs
Road traffic lights

Regulatory signs

Sign Meaning
Bikes are allowed on this road Bicycles are allowed on this road.
Bikes are not allowed on this road Bikes are not allowed on this road.
Stop Sign

Vehicle drivers, cyclists and in-line skaters must come to a complete stop at STOP signs.

When there are no vehicles or pedestrians in the intersection and it is safe, you may go through the intersection.

One way street This is a one way street; car drivers, cyclists and in-line skaters must drive in the direction of the arrow.
Diamond lanes
Diamond lanes
“Diamond lanes” — lanes for only specific types of vehicles, either all the time or during certain hours.
Yield sign

A yield sign means to slow down and be ready to stop.

If any pedestrians or vehicles are in or nearing the intersection, you must stop.

If there aren’t any pedestrians or vehicles, you may merge into traffic.

Temporary conditions

Sign Meaning
Roadwork ahead Roadwork ahead. Speed limit and lanes may be reduced.
Warning signs
Sign Meaning
Share the road Both motor vehicles and bicycles use this road. Be respectful and share the road.
Paved surface ends ahead Paved surface ends ahead.
Pavement is bumpy and uneven ahead Pavement is bumpy and uneven ahead.
Steep hill ahead Steep hill ahead; you might need to adjust your bike gears.
Pedestrians share this road with bicycles and motor vehicles Pedestrians share this road with bicycles and motor vehicles. Be alert.
Designated bicycle crossing Designated bicycle crossing: a portion of a road where cyclists can cross.
Railway crossing ahead Railway crossing ahead. The sign also shows the angle at which the railway tracks cross the road.

Road traffic lights

Sign Meaning
Flashing yellow Flashing yellow
Slow down and proceed with caution through intersections.
Flashing red Flashing red
Treat this type of light like a 4-way stop sign and come to a complete stop. If you’re at an intersection, all cars must stop and move through the intersection when it is safe.
Flashing green/left pointing green arrow Flashing green/left pointing green arrow
A flashing green light or left-pointing green arrow with a green light lets you to turn left, go straight ahead or turn right from the proper lane. This is also called an “advanced green” because oncoming traffic still faces a red light. Pedestrians must not cross on a flashing green light unless a pedestrian signal tells them to.

Ontario Ministry of Transportation’s Ontario's Guide to Safe Cycling and Driver’s Handbook

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