Bicycle Security

Bicycles, like cars, can be stolen therefore it is a good idea to take extra precautions to keep your bike safe.

Register your bike with the police

Registering your bicycle with your local police division will greatly increase your chances of having your bicycle returned to you if it is lost or stolen.

Protect your bike from theft

Take these precautions to protect your bike from theft:

  • Keep your bike in a visible, well-lit high-traffic area.

  • Use secure parking facilities (bike shelters or indoor bike parking facilities).
  • Lock both wheels and the frame to the rack.
  • Secure your bike’s components or remove them; consider using regular bolts instead of quick releases (wheels that use a mechanism to allow the wheels to be removed quickly and without any tools).
  • Choose a strong lock and combine two different types of locks.

  • Register your bike with the police.
  • Don’t lock your bike to objects that can be easily cut.
  • Don’t lock your bike to someone else’s bicycle.
  • Don’t lock your bike in the same place all the time.
  • Don’t place your lock near the ground where thieves can crush it.

How to lock up your bike

Type of Lock How to Lock up Your Bike
  • Place U-lock through both seat stays, the wheels, and around a post or fixed object.
  • Try to fill as much of the space within the U as possible.
  • For extra security, place the U-lock shackle around a post, the bike frame and through your rear wheel. Loop a cable around your front wheel, bike frame and onto your U-lock shackle.
  • Wrap the cable through both wheels, around the bike frame and around a permanent post or fixed object.
  • Don’t place the lock against or near anything solid where it can be hammered.
  • Pair with another style of lock (i.e., U-lock or padlock).
  • Wrap the chain around the bike frame and a post or fixed object.
  • Use with another style of lock (i.e., U-lock or padlock).

Visit your local bicycle shop for more details on choosing the right lock.

Brampton and Mississauga residents
Peel Regional Police is pleased to offer our bicycle registration program online at Registration forms can also be filled out at your local station by bringing your bike to any Peel Regional Police office and asking to fill out a Bicycle Registration Form.

Caledon Residents
Unfortunately at this time the OPP does not have a bike registry.

Reporting a stolen bike

If you live in Mississauga or Brampton, please use the online Peel Regional Police system to report a stolen bike.

If you live in Caledon, call the Caledon OPP detachment at 905-584-2241.

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