Peel Community Cycling Program

The Community Cycling Program focuses on:

  1. Building familiarity, comfort and confidence using the existing road & trails network
  2. Increasing access to a working bicycle through fostering basic bike maintenance skills and access to the necessary tools and materials
  3. Building community around cycling and making cycling to nearby destinations a social norm

In 2015, the Community Cycling Program pilot was developed and implemented in the City of Brampton.  The pilot matched mentors to small groups of participants.  The groups went on rides, attended community events and participated in workshops on a wide range of topics.  The pilot also provided a bike mechanic workspace, where members of the public could learn to maintain and repair their bicycles. The Community Based Pilot Program Report and the Summary Report highlight the success and impact of the pilot, including increasing the cycling mode share of PedalWise participants from 5% to 25%!

The Region is currently working with additional organizations in Peel to expand the impact of the Community Cycling Program.

Current partners include:


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